The Chat Mogul Review: Read This Before You Pay

The Chat Mogul Review: Read This Before You Pay
The Chat Mogul is yet a new income program in the Nigeria online space today. We have different forms of income programs popping up these days which is the reason most people find it difficult to identify the real ones among them.
Well, you shouldn't let that worry you because we will be reviewing several income programs right on this platform. So let's consider The Chat Mogul today.
About The Chat Mogul
The Chat Mogul is a little bit different from other income programs in the sense that it is a social media platform where others are news platforms. They came with the aim of providing employment for everyone that is interested in making more money.
This social media platform is one managed by a team of entrepreneurs who came together to form a platform where people can relate and make money as well. The managers of this platform claim that they make a lot of money from the advertisements that are running on their platform.

NairaPromo Income Program : The New Way To Monetise Your Facebook Account

NairaPromo Income Program : The New Way To Monetise Your Facebook Account
NairaPromo is yet another wonderful income program just launched recently but this one came with a different style and pattern.
Nevertheless, there are still some similarities between it and others.
This income program came in when most states in Nigeria were on a lock down. Meanwhile, you already know that some offline businesses are on a hold. This implies that some people are finding it difficult to generate income for themselves.
Instead, most people spend their time on social media these days and still burn battery, time and money in order to entertain themselves.
But they don't know that they can actually make more money with their facebook account and still entertain themselves.
Well, this is just because they were not informed and this is why we are always here to keep you informed of the newest ways to make money.
What you should know is that we review these income programs so that you can be careful of…

Coinpros Income Platform Review

Have you read my advertpay's review, if yes then this is actually nothing different but if you have not read it, this article is for you. Just like about 30 years ago during the dot com boom, everything online was very attractive to both people and investors, I feel those days are coming back as the Corona virus ravage the world's economy. I recently read in a news blog that the top tech billionaires like Elon musk and Jeff bezos are increasing in net worth despite the lockdown. This is because their business can be operated from any remote location. Think of it, most of the online services you never used before or even dreamt of using, you are now checking them out.  However in Africa, there has being an uproar of Ponzi and income schemes all around. Recently, ATPAYS which is one of the leading income program in Nigeria has laid a claimed that they registered over 100000 members within 2 months of the lockdown in Nigeria.  This is amazing, so you can actually get a share of this…

LPV Forum Review : How To Make Money on LPV Forum

LPV Forum Review : How To Make Money on LPV Forum
We have been reviewing so many income programs when we heard about the LPV Forum ( LoadedPenVibes Forum). So grab a cup of coffee and read along!
Have you ever thought of being more productive financially? Have you ever thought of making more money from your time? Or you are just thinking about it?
Well the LPV Forum has claimed to help you convert your time, data and your online activities into money. The way this is possible will be made known to you as you continue reading this article.
About LPV Forum
LPV Forum is an online revenue generating platform that is registered with the name Pynith Limited and registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission with a registration number of RC 1526865.
This platform has its main office located at No 34, Old karu market road, Karu Abuja. Nigeria. They created this platform with the primary aim of eradicating poverty in Nigeria by allowing people to make money through their platform.
They claim to h…

keeshpack Income Platform Review: Legit or Scam?

Do you know what a Ponzi scheme is? Do u know their modus operandi? Well the platform I am going to be writing about today is very much different from the likes of ATPAYS and nnu forum. While nnu forum is an income program, keeshpack is a Ponzi scheme just like MMM. A Ponzi scheme in very clear terms is one that robs Peter to pay Paul. The system must surely crash and a lot of people would surely be affected as well.  The set of people that gain from such platforms are the founders of the system and those that joined it at its early stage.  This is exactly how it works, please note that the system does not make money from any other source apart form it's members. So assuming 5 people join a Ponzi scheme, the money of the next 5 people to join the scheme is being added to that of the first set of people while the latter 5 wait for the next ten to join. They simply combine people's money for a lucky set. If you can see what I am seeing you will know that such things can never last …

9jamyschool income Program: What You Need To Know

It has being almost two months now since Africa has being experiencing what I would called a GO SLOW Mode. Oh yes, everything in the country is going on slowly. Just imagine reading in the news this morning that a reputable bank in Nigeria is sacking over 2000 of their staff. All these drive towards the question, how can I earn from my home? Guess what? I got an answer for you. Despite the fact that it might not be able to fetch you the kind of money that would sustain you, but at least it should be able to give you a free meal every two days when you put in minimal effort. They are called online income programs, if you check round my blog you would see a bulk of them but today I would be talking about one particular one called 9jamyschool income program.
What is 9jamyschool income Program? 9jamyschool income program is one that allows verified members to earn real money for their activities in the site. Oh yes, by performing mini taskes like reading news, sharing articles on your Facebo…